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Maintenance, Repair and New Construction

We service: Boat / Barge / Vessel / Marine Modules

West-Port-Orange-Shipyard-ServicesFor over 80 years the we have maintained, repaired and constructed hundreds of commercial marine transport solutions. Our construction and repair facilities are fully equipped and have the capacity of servicing multiple projects at the same time. Our over 250 work force of professionals arrange from top skilled engineers to accountants, project managers to licensed welders, fitters and quality control supervisors. Our efficiency is backed up by a strategically design communication system that keeps the entire process under close communication and interaction. The West Port Orange Shipyard is one of the most prestigious commercial marine services on the gulf. Our boat, vessel, barge and marine module maintenance, repair and new construction have a legacy of quality among some of the most prestigious corporations on the golf and ports of Galveston and Houston. Our 18 acre and 500,000 SF. facilities are equipped with powerful lifts, cranes, multi lift transporters capable of transporting an entire barge from any point point on our shipyard grounds to their final destination to the transited port canal. Our warehouses can handle any paint related services under pretty much any weather conditions.

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Boat New Construction
Boat Maintenance and Repair
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Barge Maintenance and Repair
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