Westport Orange Shipyard delivers unparalleled expertise in the maintenance of offshore barges and inland barges. Two floating dry docks capable of lifting up to 30,000-barrel barges are utilized for inspection, survey and repair services.

Barges can be transferred using hydraulic heavy weight transporters in less than 2 hours. Our indoor blast and paint shops provide the ability to provide surface preparation under any weather conditions, working in controlled environments to reduce the time of the production process by up to one-half.

For major steel work or coating, barges and boats are transferred onto land. A marine railway system totaling 1,500 feet (sections of 600 and 900 feet) along with 20 acres of stabilized land provide the capacity to simultaneously work on as many as 15 barges.

An extensive fabrication facility with gantry cranes, panel lines and a press brake offers effective fabrication of modules for steel renewals. Two fully enclosed paint shops provide efficient all-weather surface preparation and coating application.

We offer gas free services at our facility. These services may be used prior to major repair projects or as standalone services to meet cargo requirements.

Westport Orange Shipyard new boat construction has the most prestigious and quality solutions the marine manufacture business can offer which is backed by our history / legacy since 1939. Our manufacturing facilities are capable of producing and constructing top quality marine solutions for most common needs and today’s commercial demands. We build under the most accurate compliance of today’s technology and components that ensures their intended capabilities with efficiency and performance.

New boat construction and manufacturing is our daily process and we are here to serve you and your needs with the most integrated steps and quality control to ensure the seal of the Westport Orange Shipyard world class product. Call Westport Orange Shipyard today at: 409-882-4056 for any questions or consulting on your new boat construction project.


  • Weelabrator
  • Three large plasma plate cutting machines
  • Forty foot press break
  • Automated cutting saw


  • Ogden panel line
  • 50 ft. X 60 ft. panels
  • 28 cranes that arrange from 2 tons to 150 tons
  • 3 heavy lift cranes that arrange from 150 up to 350 tons with a boom length for up to 250 ft.
  • The 350 tons is positioned on the deck verge
  • 2 Goldhofer heavy lift transporters
  • 50 Line heavy lift transporter
  • 28 line heavy lift transporter

At Westport Orange Shipyard, our executives and managers have over 80 years of combined experience in the marine industry in a local marine business institution that has been part of the the marine industry since 1938. 

Our workforce of over 250 employees includes welders, fitters, tank cleaners, quality control specialists, survey personal, accountants, project managers, inventory control, security, legal, supervisors, paint and repair specialists, electricians, IT and more. All employees are in constant contact by full supported communication systems that keeps them in check and on time, with management making the process efficient and minimizing setbacks or manufacturing complications. 

  • 24 hour security ERP system for financial, accounting, personnel, and purchasing functions.